Monday, June 02, 2008

Some weekend things

Aww, thanks for the sweet comments, lovely blog readers. =) You always make me smile with your happy words! Just had to appreciate you today first and foremost. =)

Annnd...I'm not sure how much I will get to sleep this week, so let's cross our fingers for..lots! lol...I was up til 2 last night, I worked straight from 7 am til then, and it was sooo hard to get out of bed this morning. Then, on the way to work the weather was horrible so the streets were empty - I was all disoriented thinking it was Sunday or The project is still putting along. Soon, attention span is wandering.

Oooh...Indiana was awesome! The theatre was nutty, as expected, and I was not a big fan of all the 3D they used in the film...but overall, typical Indiana Jones' goodness. =) I just hate how they use computers nowadays to do effects when they could just do good ol 'real' special effects and have it look awesome - especially because they were trying to stick so closely with the look of the older 3 movies. (sigh). Computer animation. It takes longer, and it's probably not much cheaper than just blowing something up yourself. Argh. lol...just my opinion.

And is anyone excited about seeing the Brad Pitt, "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" movie? I saw the preview and fell in love! yay! Going to search for the book. Speaking of books, I reserved "The Secret Life of Bees" from the library, and when Z went to pick it up, to my surprise I had reserved the "Book club set", a bag of 20 "the Secret Life of Bees". We both giggled and then wore our sunglasses to drop the giant dorky bag of book club books back to the library. lol...woops!

That's all today. No creating, sadly. =(
I'm going into withdrawls.
Still a few cards left for sale in the shop.

If you're looking for monster paper (I know some people have been - there were many e-mails), stay tuned for some news and an RAK next week (yes, I still have a little extra stash in my hot little hands, I've just been too busy to give it away!)

And, a picture, because we need pictures to make a post happy: (Bowen Island..still haven't looked up anything about it yet, but excited to spend Sunday there!)

Dude, BC rocks.
Okay...happy day!


Niella said...

Hi Michelle:)

ME TOO..I can't wait to see Mr. Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button..oh man, even the name is too cute!

Happy reading too:)

Michelle said...

I agree that Hollywood is relaying too much on special fx in Indiana Jones. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry that your animation isn't completed yet. You can do it! Bowen island looks beautiful!

I enjoyed your library story.

kelly said...

ching out for the RAK!!! yeahhhhhh. Lovin your blog as always x

Charity Sorrells said...

Oh the secret life of bees! Loved it, a much needed read when I finally found it. It brought me back to my first love....reading!
I hope you get to enjoy. Beautiful photo. :)

ARob said...


I love reading your blog! You inspire me because you work even more than me (which is a lot) but still find time to blog & scrap, etc. Thanks for the inspiration!


Aimee said...

funny about the secret life of bees...wasn't that a cute book?