Thursday, June 05, 2008


Gah! A million things seem to have accumulated while I was busy working for the last 6 weeks. hah. There are piles of government send-me-this-tax-related-thing and contact-the-bank kinda stuff. And then my mind is the type of mind that likes things cleared and done all at once, which always inadvertantly adds like 50 other related to-do things to the Anyways, I am laying low. Ignoring these things until the weekend is over, at least...he he.

Recoop time now: Relaxing things only. A bubble bath. A pedicure. An appointment to fix my computer-hunched And shopping. Spoiling. Movies. A dinner overloooking the beach. Sex and the City. Planning the rest of our getaway-at-the-end-of-the-month trip. Sleeping in. A much-needed trip to the craft store. Some sandals. A new journal. Some pirate garb. Pistol earrings. Motorcycle shirts. Dinner with friends. And, of course, some making stuff!

If you haven't already noticed, I'm not one to sit still when I'm relaxing. =)
But I'm not that crazy, this will definitely not all be happening this

I think I just want want want right now because I've been deprived and busy all I gotta catch up - last time I had a spare moment it was There is much shopping I need to do. Many clothes I need for summer still. I want to garage sale and thrift. Lay on the beach. Write in a new leather journal. I have some re-decorate hankerings. I want to build and paint and sand and design and draw. Refurbish some old wood furniture piece. Cook some yummy pasta. Learn how to book-bind.'s neverending! I'm always telling Z its like a happy curse, really....always wanting to make stuff and do things. I know he understands, being a crafty boy himself, but I think not the extent it really

My bestest girl Mandy sent me an ipod in the mail yesterday (thanks so much, girl!), so the shopping began today with a buddy for it:

(from this lovely monkey shop: monkey travel club) There are some similar monkey cup warmers that I may also scoop up..soo cute! And good for the environment, too...=) Love reusable stuff!

Annnnd...thank you all for the congrads! I had no idea so many people had to deal with the permanent residence thing...crazy! You'd think they would just abolish that and let people roam freely from country to country instead of making us fill out loads of =)

Anyways, back to work with me - or waiting for work to come in..ha ha. It's been a slow week here at my 9-5. =) Last night we went out to see my cousin Mike's band The Seventh Eye from Edmonton play here in downtown Vancouver - they made it to the finals of a battle of the bands. They didn't win (stupid contest is set up based on votes, and the local Van bands obviously had bigger crowds - being from here and all...weird.), but we thought they were the best by far - the loudest, the craziest awesome drummer and bass player, and Mike is just amazing on guitar and singing, the best beat...It was great to see a live show - and I've been wanting to see them play for years! Very cool! Didn't even get to bed that late, still being unbelievably sleepy and all - and I love, love not smelling like smoke when I come home from a bar now. Thank you, bylaws. =)

Happy weekend, all!


Michelle said...

There is this really great class at a very expensive art school in san francisco that I want to take. Wish I could go just for that but I know they won't let me do such a thing...

Your never ending list sounds like my never ending list. I understand. :D

Glad that you are looking forward to projects and "relaxation."

Mandi said...

You seem like a pro at relaxing! haha ANNND working hard. ;)

kim brimhall said...

just wanted to say congrats on the SIS design stuff! i love that kit!! i was so excited to hear it was coming over there:)

love, kb

Charity Sorrells said...

You're such an amazing person holding it all together! Go Michelle!
Cheers to your relaxation!

Jill Deiling said...

im so glad you get to relax! I hope you get to do all your fun, relaxing and crafy things done SOON, although not all at once, haha.
i hope youre having a great weekend!!

TheresaK said...

I hope you had your relaxing weekend!

Congrats on the residency issue!! Must be a weight lifted off of your shoulders...well after all the paperwork is filed!

Jen said...

could you share the link again about how you got the column template for blogger. i just LOVE your blog!!!