Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fall, teasers, and a monster house.

Could that title be any more random? he he...First of all, I have to say 'hi' to some new readers! I noticed a few new people around in the last week or so, so I wanted to say Hi, and thanks for stopping by my lil place in cyber space. =) It's always cool to see new blogs and new artsy people...so say hi, I'd love to visit you, too!

Annnd...onto 80's picture(s) of the day number 8 (this top one just cracks me up...):Hah. omigoodness...I look sooo dorky in the top picture..lol. And my lil sis is so cute! =) I have to say, I do love the sweatshirt I have on, though! My mom took these lovely pictures, of course, back in 1988. I'm so happy my mom loves photography...she has awesome photo skills. =)

Annnnd...I finished this little guy up today:A custom-order Monster House print for the lovely Barb...whose kid is going to have the coolest monster room ever!! he he...=) I drew it by hand and colored/used commercial textures to make it pretty in Photoshop. I haven't listed any in the shop yet, but there will be cards and prints coming soon! And I've also had to step back from accepting custom orders for May, I just don't have any time...but feel free to convo me cuz I'll go back to doing them in June...they're fun! If you'd like one of these guys, though, feel free to convo me at Etsy or drop me a note at michelle.a.clement@gmail.com

Hmm..what else? Busy, busy with projects...May is getting busier and busier...lol...I have to take a step back an evaluate what is really priority and what's not...make sure I have time to sleep and such...lol...why can't I just stop time and do all the 50,000 things I wanna do?? lol..I'm loving bagels and strawberry cream cheese today...and I found a Vanilla Spice body shop soap in the cupboard that I'm also loving...And Justin Bobby was looking super-hot on the Hills last night...Not a fan of how the girls are acting with Audrina, though...I like Audrina! Yesterday, our power went out randomly for like 5 hours, so I'm trying to catch up on answering e-mails, building backgrounds and characters in Flash, staying up-to-date on this project, sending off some Etsy orders...So soooo excited about the first of May, too! Let's just say..it's an exciting scrappy month!! Eeeek! I can spill soon! =)

Hope everyone is great! I'm off to see "Horton Hears a Who" finally! My fave Suess story ever!! Happy day!


Michelle said...

That print is gorgeous! I especially love the color scheme you went with. Those flash back pictures are so fun. Can't wait to hear the good scrappy news. :)

Renee said...

hey.. love the pics of us up there.. haha too cute :)
i agree about the hills they are being totally rude to Audrina and Justin Bobby is waaaayyyy better :)
love the monster house too :)

"B" said...

The monster print is so awesome! I cant wait to get it. Thanks so much for doing that for me.

DonnaBD said...

........one of those new readers coming out to say "Hi!". Love your monster artwork Michelle, and its been a blast flashing back to the 80's with you and your sister. Have a great day!

DonnaBD said...

Hi Michelle! Love your moster artwork, and your flash back to the 80's has been a blst!

Have a great day!

Donna. said...

That new print is AWESOME! I'll be stalking for it on Etsy!

Your 80s pics are too funny today! Still just so sweet, though.

I'll be looking forward to your news later.

kim brimhall said...

photo are awesome!!! love it! you are too cool for schooL:)