Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I resolve....

...I say "I resolve" because calling resolutions resolutions never seems to work, ya know? I kind of gave up on even giving myself resolutions, because when I was younger it was always "eat less chocolate" and there's no way that worked...ha I say now I give myself attainable, not totally crazy off-the-wall goals so that I can feel good at the end of the year and not like an overwhelmed bum....I made this lil page (which I am super, super in love with...) last night using The Dozens' amazing kit from last month!! eek! Dana totally rocks my world with those yummy kits....Also, super excited about some news at Sis Tv....!!

Anyways, there's a whole lotta crazy journalling on the back of those red cards on my layout, and I pretty much realized how far I'd come in a year, and that I can only hope to continue to evolve and grow as I have last year in oh eight.

And tick off some attainable goals in the meantime, so this year:

- I would love to take a photography class...or at least look some goodies up online and learn more about composition, editing, etc. Basic stuff. And also, learn more about my camera.

- I would looove to finish up little scrapbooks for both Mexico and France. Or they will never get done!

- I would like to send out all Christmas presents for next year in the mail before boxing day..ha ha

- Live healthier (I am already aching all over from my am run yesterday morning...and am drinking loads of I should already be doing) I don't want to diet, persay...I just want to be able to run for a block and not be winded, ya know?

- To not take on more than I can handle, design-work wise.

- To help Z with the kitchen stuff more. (Did dishes last night, thank ya. Poor Z, spoils me...) I do cook once in a while, but I am the worst at doing dishes!! And I need to make time to cook more....

And that's it, for now. =) Easy peasy, right? I'm all for the working out thing...I have been meaning to since I graduated in, what, February? I love the energy it gives me, and my skin gets healthier, and it's just all-around good to feel healthy....

I have a ton of stuff to post (including a cool felt polaroid camera that I made for Michelle...he he) but it's turning out to be a busier lunch hour than I thought...starting tommorrow!!

Anyways, Happy day!! May all your new years' wishes come true =)


Anonymous said...

Love it girl !!! You had an amazing year even with all the ups and downs - but as I said to you last year - it makes you a stronger person and often more driven.
Glad to hear your plans for the year!!! You work pretty hard, enjoy some time for you and Z!! And helping with the cooking and dishes - never hurts!! hee hee

Kara said...

Love that layout. I've been thinking a lot about "evolving" and it's getting me excited. Good luck with resolves!

micayla said...

The the page so cute and fun!
Good luck with the resolutions too. I am thinking about doing a photography glass too! I still cannot get out of auto.

Jessica said...

that layout is seriously rocking my socks off! i love it so much!! happy new year hon!

Vee said...


dana said...

That layout is the cutest thing--just so pretty!!!--and hey--that's just like my camera!!! You did a phenomenal job on that. I have never seen something so perfect in felt!!! Glad you "dug" the goods!!
i "dig" your style MC...hehehe