Tuesday, January 01, 2008

...and a happy new year to you!

.....Hope everyone had a fabulous new years! I was sorta MIA, understandably, over the holidays....we flew back from Calgary on the 31st in the morning and I'm trying to catch up and get back in the swing of things! Thanks for all the sweet christmas wishes! Hope everyone had an awesome holiday and a great night last night! All the bestest in the new year....=)
Spending Christmas at home with the parents was wonderful....=) My little brother and nephew are soooo cute! (my lil brother just turned 6 and my nephew is almost 3 - so fun!) And my parents spoiled us rotten with all the yummy food and wine and turkey...yum! Boxing day was also fabulous...I always say it's 'my christmas' cuz I get to spoil myself a little....=) he he...I didn't take many pictures, cuz I always like to just enjoy the present opening and the happy smiles and all the holiday goings-on....but my mom took a few that I'll share soon! It was the best holiday! (Thanks Mom and Wayne...you guys are the bestest!)

I got to hang out with my girls, too...we went bowling and my 9-month pregnant friend Melissa totally whooped us all on the lanes...she rocked the bowling! Also, I got to test out a bridesmaid dress and spend time with the grandmas, and..(sigh) it went by so fast! I came down with a yucky 24 hour stomach flu on one of the last days there....like, so sick I haven't been that sick in years....!! Took me a while to get water to stay in my stomach, needless to say...and I barely ate for a day and some and all of my chest and back muscles were strained...and thankgod that Z didn't get it...but now we're both sort of dizzy and sore-throated, so we're sleeping lots and warding off this new cold!! eek!

Last night for a rockin new years, we totally pulled out the old-married-couple card and stayed home....our flight left Calgary at 9 in the morning and it was a looong day....so we had some pear cider and chinese and I made magical throat-fixing tea, while in indie movie heaven:
.....and it was a fab night full of naps and lounging and "hey, that's Vancouver!" (Everything's Gone Green was filmed here...) Awesome =) Molly Shannon totally rocked "Year of the Dog"...she's so cute! And Carrie Ann Moss in "Fido" was wicked, totally cool, bright 50's style clothes and sets: love the yellow house....want it! And zombies as house pets? You gotta check it out....

Anyways, I must unpack and get ready for the daily grind, which begins again tommorrow....So I leave you with a layout I did using Fancy Pants Designs goodies in December.......it's been a super-chill day here at home: slept in...made my Z some tea (we're both kind of fighting of some sore-throatness, him more than me....Had a loooong soothing bath, made myself my guilty pleasure pasta with cheese melted on it for supper, as Z is out talking logo business for a few hours....just about to unpack now that I'm caught up on some calls and uploads. More to post soon!! I promise ;) Also, some fun crafty stuff coming for weeks and weeks...lol...(remember those christmas projects I promised I'd post? they're coming!) All the best! I'll stop by your blogs soon to say hullo....


Michelle said...

Happy New Year! I'm sorry to hear that you and Z aren't feeling well. I'm glad that the flu was only a 24 hour thing though. I adore those pictures on that lo!

Thanks for the amazing package. I got it on Monday and I was on cloud 9. That polaroid camera is adorable. How did you know??? I don't remember saying that I wanted one. I can't wait to use all of that paper goodness!

Sharmaine said...

Glad you arrived back safely and enjoyed the family time!
Love the green of the layout, mmmm

micayla said...

That layout rocks Michelle! I just love Fancy Pants stuff and you totally rocked it!
Happy new year!

elizabeth said...

happy oh*eight!

sounds like you had a lover*ly new years eve and i must add those movies to my netflix!!!!

love, love, lovin' the lo chick!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Z is feeling better. Thing it occurred in our house - Wayne & I are both fighting it - Brody is back to full potential (much like you were) - all back to work!!
Wishing we had a houseful again!!
Miss you guys

Jennifer said...

glad that you had a great trip!!! happy 2008! i will definitely be in more often to check in on you and see how you are!!!

_Kine said...

Sounds like you had an awesome holiday! I love the colors of that layout. So mellow and pretty :)