Tuesday, December 18, 2007


...why didn't order pictures for the Christmas presents I plan on making before the crazy Christmas rush?? ha ha....I went to order some pics online last night and the servers were too busy to even let me upload....argh!! At least there's other crazy last-minuters like me out there! Making headway in the list-of-stuff-to-make, though! yeaaah...and I even cleaned and managed to get groceries and make Z some yummy supper (well, to show him that I can, in fact, cook...I'm sooo bad at keeping up in the kitchen! He spoils me and does dishes and usually cooks cuz I just have no interest half the time!....he went to bed late, well, early the night before and felt crappy and had some dental work done so I was nice to him..he he) Really, I like cooking..it just takes up so much of the night, or so my mind seems to think. Dying to see this movie right now:
...I am loving Michael Cera after Superbad. awesome! Have lotsa errands to run tonight..a chiropractor to see...I am feeling rather Dt-less right now, due to Pink.Sugar.Pop closing and Fancy Pants almost being over and my new lack of Scrapmuse....and it's really, really a good thing, to have a break...but it just feels weird! My mind is trying to convince me to apply to a few calls and be Dt-ful once again, but I know I'll end up overloading myself like I did earlier this year and I just don't want that! I'm going to wait until I see a cool company that I really, really wanna be a part of...!! So until then, I force myself to wait patiently...lol...I'm also dying to scrap, which hasn't happened lately cuz ornaments took its place! ...I have some yummy KI lace paper and such that hasn't even been touched yet!! I watched some really funny "story of christmas" stop-motion animaton on the weekend...I'm hunting the tv channels for Rudolph, still! annnd..that's about it!
Oh, and yesterday I found out that my contract here at work is being extended for at least another month...whew! So that's one giant thing to cross off of my list! Happy day and happy finishing-christmas-projects! =)


Holly said...

Glad you're making some head-way on your to-do list! I still can't wait to see all of the cools gifts you made for Cristmas!

Jill Deiling said...

that movie looks cool! i havent heard of it, ill have to look into it! wow, crazy that all your dt positions are coming to an end, i bet that would be weird! I wouldn't know what to do with myself... lol. i bet the break will be really nice for you though!
im glad your contract at work got extended too, yay!
I looove your latest los, still gotta comment on them at sis! Hope you have a good thursday girly!

Vee said...

i want to see juno too. watched half of superbad last night, movie had me in stitches!!

Michelle said...

I haven't seen Superbad yet but its on my list of things to do. I hope you get everything done for presents!

Sorry about Pink.Sugar.Pop. I'm sure you'll find something cool.