Wednesday, November 21, 2007


...I have a kabillion things to blog about!! lol..I haven't been away on a honeymoon, no..though Z and I are both so happy and airy that it's like our brains are on All smiley and such. Makes me giggle...

And now, First off, there are some scrap goings-on:
Scrapmojo challenge numba 4 is up; the topic is being thankful, and the technique is to why the pic is cropped so far out, so you can see the torn edges on my page...

I used Elles Studio's yummy them! They have such great colors and are perfect for journalling...(sigh)...there is also a wicked sale at Create My Keepsake right now (paper is 50% off, free shipping, free gift...go check it out!)...and Scrapmuse has some kits for November left (I'll post my goodies from the kit tommorrow, hopefully..)

Also, I finished playing with my Christmas Elles Studio goodies! So here's a peek for ya:

Annnnnd...drum rolll please.....not only was this weekend cool cuz we got married, buuuuut...remember that Trick 17 film competition I helped with last weekend?? Weeel...our film won Best Picture on Friday night! Sweet, dude! It was totally unexpected for me, but they said hands-down ours was at the funny!! So here it is:

They gave us that horrid rap music and we had to incorporate it, and our theme was "music video"...and our little Stikfas are the dudes moving around..Our team totally rocked...we had a blast making it...I swear, we laughed for like 10 hours in the editing room, it was awesome! So that made it even cooler. They gave us this giant cheque at the screening..and we got to walk around with it all night when we went to celebrate! Yeah!

Some links to the teams blogs if you need some art inspo:
Choom Lam, Tammy Dubinsky, Ian Milne, Moi, and hubby Tzanko (he doesn't like the nickname 'hubby' so this is merely a test of the jim doesn't have a blog, but he sent me the awesome pics..=) Thanks Jim!

Whew! I feel like I'm stuck in whirlwind of paperwork and projects and not enough time...soon, soon...Elles stuff soon, Scrapmuse stuff up soon, even Create My Keepsake stuff will be up soon...and wedding details...=) And wedding pics, soon...we got a sneak peeky (thanks Mandy, you're the best!) of the pics yesterday and there are some great shots, considering the horrible weather and the being outside later! I had 150-some e-mails to catch up on on Sunday that I am still wading through..eek! (but thank you everyone!) Thanks for peeking and also thanks for all of the love and good wishes! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Jill Deiling said...

that film is awesome!! congrats on winning! :D I can't wait to see all your new elle's studio pics, and love the new scrap muse stuff! :D I can't wait to see the wedding pics!

Valley Girl said...

That pic of you and your man in the first pic is gorgeous!!!!

Michelle said...

WOW! I adore your scrap mojo lo! YOur animation rocks! I'm not surprised your team won. The art is amazing. TFS!