Thursday, November 22, 2007


Some Scrapmuse love!
My projects for the month:
This one's turned into more of an art-journal page..wasn't sure if I liked it when it was in the works, but I do now..=)
I was trying to get down on paper this baffling feeling I get when I'm looking forward to something that seems to-good-to-be-true...even when the it's going on around me, it's hard to believe it's real and I'm there...don't know if I explained it right, but here it is:

A page of remnants...=) A Roxy tag from my coat...some random pics from the year (that's a castle in La Rochelle, France in the middle)...some ends of patterned papers..=)

...I made this little wall-display guy out of a package of snaps...=) Splashed some walnut ink on it, put paper inside and pics on the outside...=)

A page about the lil creative spaces I love about home:

Some simple cards....the colors in these pics seem to be really muted and bad...eek! Woops:

....and these are my last Scrapmuse kit pages: I decided a few weeks ago to resign from the team at the end of the month. Life has been too chaotic, what with the up and down, unstable job and I felt bad not being around on the site and boards as much as I should, and scrapping in general was becoming less fun to do with so many teams....I miss the fun of scrapping just for myself!! it does feel like a weight off of my shoulders right now, but I'll miss the girls and the boards and the kits like crazy!..=) Also, I now know how much I strive on variety and mixing it up, so at least if I have some spare time, I can hopefully do some fun Guest Dt's and mix it up a little! It truly was a great DT experience...thanks Amanda for giving a newbie girl a chance! other news...last night was one of those it's-so-messy-in-here-i-can't-work-til-it's-clean nights, so laundry, cleaning and some paperwork, it was. Z and I are working on living in the same country, which means a whole lotta paperwork and forms and explanations. Whether it's here or, if that doesn't work out, Bulgaria (where Z is from)...we just want to live together. =) Truthfully, we want to travel around..Europe, etc. and work in animation there, one day...but it seems much less complicated if we're from the same place first, due to different countries' regulations and visa requirements and whatnot...And I would like to stay here and put a giant dent in my student loan repayment, first! So we are dealing with tons of documents and stress and 'use black pen only' and 'fill in every box' and the fun way the government words even a simple sentence. I find it hard to believe that there are actually 'couples' out there who do do this sponsorhsip deal if they aren't in's crazy! It's a lot of work! We just wanna be together, man. =) But it is funny to read warnings like "you can not marry your brother, father, father in law...etc.", and also sad that they need to put those warnings on the papers at all!! eek!

I'm at that's all for now! =) More pages and yummies later....I'm just dying to make some ornaments right now, still...I have visions of thank-you cards and wedding announcements and christmas decorations in my head...=) Can't believe it's almost December! And I've also been listening to tons of cool songs lately, I'll be sure to share some soon! Happy day!


A.S.K.-P. said...


Best of luck to you & Z re: all of the visa issues. I REALLY hope it all works out for you guys.

Hope you had a good Turkey Day

Sharmaine said...

Hi Michelle!!! Just thought I would run in and say I love the scrappy-ness you've shared :)
Ok running away, its a really slow run so you might just see me in the distance, if your quick ;)

Holly said...

Love your new Scrapmuse stuffs! Sorry you had to resign from the DT, but I'm sure you feel relieved. Enjoy your weekend, and don't let all that paperwork drive you too crazy!

Marie said...

Those pages are great of course! I must say i agree with u on the dt's I just did a guest and it was very hard for me...Im use to using anything i want and one thing they didnt want u to do is use anything not from the kit...Sheesh that is killing me! LOL! THe visa mess sounds like crap! I hope it works out for ya my lovely!

Michelle said...

I've been way impressed at how you've been juggling so many things! I think you made the right decision as much as you will miss all of that fun stuff!
I think its funny they have to put you cannot marry your relatives on the paperwork. I hope things get all worked out. Working in Europe sounds like a ton of fun! I can already tell you'll be traveling a lot!