Monday, September 03, 2007

happy monday!

Hope everyone's had a good weekend off or out or spending it in some awesome way! =) Mine was pretty chill...which is awesome, if you ask me..I'm still so happy to be home and not be working, post-animation job. Ahhh...I've been scrapping, and hanging with Z watching movies; Jurassic Park, Starsky and Hutch, etc. Eating yummy breakfast and ice cream and just hangin out. Just got back from getting groceries, have to clean a little. all that stuffs. The weather here is perfect stay-inside grey weather, it's all good! I'm such a homebody. he he..anyways, some pages to share:

This one was for the "one little word" challenge....the topic was "balance", and I journalled a lot underneath the hinged title chipboard piece...all about how it's sometimes hard to find an artistic balance in my life between what I want to do personally, and the work I have to do during the day. Basically, if I don't make my own art amoung that art I get paid to do, I go nuts. Need the balance between the two...=) I realized how much a big part of my life that art is...geesh! he there's some close-ups, too...lotsa little details on this one..i fell in love with it...used lots of new Fancy Pants stuff, too..finally got to dig into the CHA summer releases...=) yay!

This is a card I made with the Fancy Pants "from the garden" stamps....seriously, they rock...I stamped the flower on watercolor paper and then used my watercolor pencils to fill it in...cut a little vase out of patterned paper...=) I made one just like this for Maddy as a thank-you for being so cool on the Scrapmuse DT. =)

And then after I made that vase..I had to make more....he he...the flowers were just beggin for em...=)

Happy day!! More scrappage later!


Michelle said...

So pretty! I love the creative balance lo since I totally know how you feel! Just beautiful!

I adore the vases you made for the flowers on the cards. I have to admit I snuck a peek earlier this morning on your sisTV gallery. Oopsies!

And on a totally random note, when is your birthday?bear831pac

krystyn said...

Ooohh - love that layout!

Michelle said...

September 8th. I found a pirate card that made me think of you. :)