Friday, August 03, 2007


....have some pictures to post. buuuut they're at home. and i am at work. procrastinating? actually,'s lunchtime. and it's raining. and i have my last 8 seconds to animate. so i'm here...he he

listening to:
"fair" Remy Zero
"your honor" Regina Spektor
"here by me" 3 Doors down

well. lots of Regina spektor!! i'd been meaning to find some of her songs, and then forgot...and then ran into it on somebody's itunes at work...and i am in love!
She is so funky...and i love her lyrics...(sigh)

I saw "stardust" at a free premiere last night, and it is super cute and funny, surprisingly....

..and i was super-excited all week about hanging out at the beach and seeing the firweworks tommorrow with Z...buuut...turns out i have to finish my work if i want a paycheque...and Z's last film is due in less than a week...and a billion peoplee all on one beach...and the weather took an un-sunny turn today....and so we might just sleep in and animate all day. which is cool with me...cuz that means i can scrap tonight...=) he he...and z can giggle bout how obsessed with it i am. i need to. i just need to get paint and ink all over my hands to relax and not go insane. funny, i know...he he...back to work for me! pictures later! =)

oh! and check out the awesome changes at Pink.Sugar.Pop! Holly brought back the button stamps and broke up some sets so you can buy some of them individually now! so cool!
happy day!


Michelle said...

Congrats on almost being done animating! I adore those button stamps and the skull, but my order will have to wait since $ is low right now. Looking forward to some pictures.

Mom said...

Hope you two have a great day!!