Wednesday, August 01, 2007

dun dun dun..., this is what comes out of me after being literally starved of scrapping for a few inspired creative freedom...i got to do whatever i wanted (and used some fancy pants while I was at it)...and it feels great! can't wait until my days off....this is what i love to do....this is the kind of page i love to do. ahhhh....

...but then i find myself going "i can do this and this and this" and now i don't think i will have time to do anything else but as Z said, "that's what you wanna do anyways, right?".....(yes. it is...) he he

...check this out! the Scrapjacked girls have put together a really cool 4 week contest scrapjacking the mothers of all it!...and, yay! i may have time to do it! The Dare blog is still MIA, so I'm assuming the Last Scrapper Standing is off this sad! Those challenges were so mind-racking and was awesome!

...and i was super excited to go pick up my Scrapmuse kit (check out the peek on the site), and then got to the post office and it was closed because of this fireworks festival that's goin on tonight...which is probably good, cuz i'll actually get work done... which i have 2 days to do..ahh! and then tuesday afternoon i WILL start my days matter, george of the jungle. happy night all!


Michelle said...

I saw your lo on twopeas and thought "that's a cool lo." So funny to see it is yours. Loving the colors and the font. Yay for scrapping!

Thanks for the well wishes. I actually applied for a photography position this time.

~*Gems*~ said...

The layout is gorgeous - totally love it! :o)