Wednesday, July 25, 2007


...i miss the Dares..their blog is down..=( so sad...waiting/hoping to see if Last Scrapper Standing (that really cool contest i was in last summer, if my family reads this and wonders what LSS is...he he) will be happening again!

...Amy Winehouse is awesome. So is Regina Spektor, whom i finally listened to today at work...and i have been listening to tons of Dixie Chicks. Odd, yes.

..sooo scrapbook-deprived right now...can't do any artsy stuff til Monday or Tuesday when my job/last quota on George is done! eeek! it's killing me! I've been hooked on the pubcalls blog tryign to avoid online scrapbook-shopping, and have found some really cool guest designer gigs for the next few months...there are just so may awesome companies, man!

...I have a new job! Found out for sure today! Only catch's not starting til the end of August...must check out the money situation tonight before i freak out...but am happy that there's something set in stone work-wise now!

...the Simpsons...fireworks....scrapbook kits coming in the mail...gonna be a cool next week...he he...when work is finally over..have to admit, the prospect of having most of august off is awesome! (sigh)

..all for now!


Anonymous said...

Ashton sings Amy Winehouse - too funny coming from a 15 month old lol.

Ooh the whole of August off - lucky you :o) xxx

Mom said...

Enjoy your time girlie - just penny pinch!!
(What a mom)

Jasreet Pratap said...

you're back how was france . news on the class mates-meylse join a band .
their picture is on his blog