Thursday, July 26, 2007

....looking forward

because pictures make blogs so much more interesting...

..this is the group i was in france with..all of us drimn'ers..=) feels like i was there, like..a year i never left work...weeeeeird. and i've been back for like, what, a week and a half?? whoa... I got very crispy out at our work bbq today; very cool, we got to head outside for one of the first sunny days i've had here, eat yummy free food, miss 3 hours of work, and just chill...and i still got my quota for the day done..yippee!! i added to me impending farmer's tan and there is a difference of about 50 shades on the two halves of my legs now...meh...i was outside! in the sun! during the day! it's a rare thing for the animator to see sunlight....he he

....also...i have a job! but it's only for 2 months, and i don't start until August 27th! ...and my job ends...umm...tommorrow! (well, hem..some of use probably won;t be finished animating til tuesday or so...he he) soooo...thankfully i can barely afford, but i can afford, to take the whole month off!....i feel like i haven' had any time off since, ummm...February 2006? right before i started film school...literally..go, go, go ever i am sooooo excited...of course, this means i am now adding to the list of things i want to do on my time off, which means it really won' be that "off" there's a beach 2 blocks away and much scrapping to do/catch up on...and Z graduates, so we'll have some time off together, too...yippee!!! sooooo excited, you have no idea...he he

...what else? applying for scrapbook guest gigs, trying not to online shop...animating, animating...still chugging away at harry potter...longing to buy pirate things....eating billions of cherries. was listening to "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm" by Crash Test Dummies that i discovered on somebody's itunes, which made me very happy cuz i remember that song from when i was growing up, driving along Penticton beaches. Love that dudes voice! exciting things lantern festivals, fireworks competitions, the simpsons movie, pedicures....and there will be much celebrating come next week when I can finally SLEEP IN!!! ahhh....happy night!


Michelle said...

Yay for the sun! I totally understand what you mean about animators not seeing the sun. My sister keeps telling me I am transparent!

Watch that to do list, it never ends!

Mom said...

Love the picture - so nice to see the whole group.
Glad you had some fun in the sun!!!