Wednesday, June 06, 2007

is it wednesday? mind just totally blanked....hmm. I think it is..anyways....yay, deadline! I got 17 seconds of animtion done done done last night...I was up til 3..but amazingly I feel awake and am getting more work stuffs done...who-ho! Onto the next episode....

Tammy tagged me today...and since I don't know any family recipes to share (cuz..cough...I cook so much) he goes for the 7 (more) random things...I'll keep it super short, I promise!

1) My toes are never without nailpolish on them..usually a dark sparkly blue (so 1995, I know..)

2) I love Jerry Springer (kay, I don't watch it anymore...cuz I don't get it..he he) cuz I think it makes me feel normal and/or I can never figure out if they're hired actors or real people

3) the first concert I ever went to was The Backstreet Boys (eek...that's an embarassing little factoid...)

4) my fave Spongebob episode is the one where he draws a doodle and it follows him around...(don't have that season yet, so it's but a distant memory...he he)

5) I knew every word to Pocahontas' "Colours of the Wind" before the movie even came out way back when, cuz of the extensive preview of it on The Lion King video tape...and she is the coolest Disney girl...

6) My fave foods; super-cheesy lasagna, stuffed potatoes, and my mom's homemade mac and cheese (which we begged for for every birthday party...which I still beg wow! I'm a simple (but chocolate beats all of those anyday)

7) I sleep on my couch when I know I'll only get like 2 hours of sleep, cuz for some reason I have an inner alarm clock that works only there.....if I get into bed and it's all comfy and even if I leave the light on and the tv and set the alarm as loud as it will go...there's no way I'll wake up after 2 hours.

I think I tagged some people for this one before....soooo....if you read this and wanna leave a comment with 7 facts about you, that'd be awesome...if not..have fun chuckling at mine...I'm so excited! I think I may have time to dig my hands into my Love, Elsie pile tonight!! Yippee!! Have a good one! =)


Mom said...

Hope you get to enjoy your scrapbook stuff tonight!! so glad you had a productive night and day!!
George-George-George of the Jungle!!!

Cady said...

Ooo...little-known facts about the elusive Michelle!
"In the jungle..." lol

Say, was IS being tagged? You about yourself?