Tuesday, June 05, 2007

..George, george....

Check out Pink.Sugar.Pop
!! Holly just got some wicked new stamps!! (Including a skull that says "arr" that I am dying for!! and a cute rocketship..and a dinosaur! so cool!)

Also....George's release date is out here in Canada! Check out Teletoon
for the release date/sneak peek date...the show is super-funny, guys...I would post a lil ol pic of George up here, cuz we can now, but I sure can't find one...So you'll see him on the Teletoon page....yes, that's george. The guy I spend every waking hour with...speaking of...

...my deadline is a tickin'....I have to animate some graphic, talking smoke, which is tough on a normal day, let alone me being new, behind schedule, sleepy, so over this episode, and it being part of the biggest scene I've ever done...eek! That being said, though...it's not giving my a headache anymore, I just will probably only get like 2 hours of sleepies on the couch tonight....I am suprisingly not stressed; thank you vfs - I am so well-prepared for sleepless nights...he he...really, I am! I could never stay up a whole night before school/making a film...anyways, I'll be hanging out with George all night. =)

Happy day, everyone!


Mom said...

You luv George!!! hee hee
Can't wait to see it

*~*Amber*~* said...

I know... the new stamps are killer... can't wait to get em!!!! and rawk em!!! xoxo