Wednesday, September 20, 2006

normal schtuff.

Argh....I should not have come home to work, i was on a role at school...he he..I got distracted by some tunes here...on to the board in a second...anyways, not much new...My guy is like, 3 hours away from close yet so far....but I get to see him next friday! Who-ho! Soo..i decided to stay workin for a bit...I've already told them I can't work for about a month, cuz of visitors and deadlines...and only 4 hours this Saturday is good. I cut my cable and internet down, cuz I won't be around here soon anyways...(argh..hate slow's bugging me already...) and am planning money stuff, etc. for when school is done, cuz it's one less thing to worry about now...peace of mind is a good thing...=) off to Chiro again tommorrow, to double-check the back thing....then I gotta work, work, work...Aiming for my storybboard to be approved, at the latest by tuesday...So that I can start the next phase (layout) almost a week before it actually starts. Ahhhh! Film! It's still hard to believe that we've started, cuz it feels...surreal? i'm sure it'll hit me soon..what a crazy amount of work we are in for. Til, chocolate, enjoying the last few days of TLC and Life network channels if I can manage it, and playin a lil bit of catch up. come there are so many good songs??


Emy Jo said...


Bret and I had a meeting, and a resolution was passed 2-0 that we can't get past the first 10 seconds of that NFG song.

Sorry. But we still really like you. And your scrapbooking skillz.

Michelle said...

he he....what's funny is...his voice is way better than it used to be, when I first started to like them, err...6 years ago? they are kinda....emo. =)But I love em...he he....