Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Argh...what a pain......sooo, I was planning on quitting my job tonight, cuz as soon as I got the final film schedule in my hands on Monday and realized how much work it is...I was just like..i can't work...no time! But thennnn....I got a notice that my rent is going up $40 a month come January...at the convenient time when my loan interest will be insanely high, and I will almost be run dry for money...and don't know where I'll live or who I'll live with later...and when ya got nottin, $40 is a lot...rent is a lot anyways...sooo...I think i should try to keep the one day for a little longer...at least it'll force me away from the animation desk..I don't know!! Plus, I tried to call them tonight like 5 times, and nobody answered, and then I got the rent notice...so maybe it's some fate-related, you-are-meant-to-keep-making-money thing? everything happens for a reason, right? Money...everytime I think about it, I'm always like...why don't we just use M&M's instead, or something?? But then, it would just end up the same..cuz some people would eat their M&M's as soon as they got em, and not have any left...and some people would want to have the most M&M's...but, I mean, at least then, we would all have chocolate. Oh! On a lighter note, I started going to the Chiropractor today...i am fixable...it is a crazy feeling, man! Hearing all the bones in your spine pop...yikes! I feel good though...He said my left hip is slightly twisted, which makes my spine lean the other way to correct this twist, which, in turn, put out one of the discs in my spine near my shoulder blade, which is inflamed and disrupting the way my nerves send signals to my brain. Whew. who knew it was all so interconnected? Well, I mean, I knew it was interconnected, but not to the extent of having your brain subconciously have to correct your spinal alignment to what it thinks is right, but is really wrong, every single time you move. Wow. I am enlightened. Sorry for the rambling....if you have job advice, please let me know!! =) I have only been doing 1 day a week. It has been standable...=) night!



jocko said...





For God's sake, what other incentive do you need?

Mom said...

Girlie - Girlie!!! Listen to your mom. Both Wayne and I agree that you should not be working with your heavy work load. We will help you get through it!! Far more important - besides - whats 2 boxes less of cereal each month!! hee hee!!!
Call and ask for your leave like we talked about!!