Saturday, August 12, 2006

Break time!

Just a quick little break from homework day...I am still the only one in my class here...since 9 am...(sigh)...crazy guys....Oh! And you should click here, then click on "old time's sake" once there. My life drawing teacher was having fun with some teddy bears..It's so funny!! Made me laugh..=)


Cady said...

That's some impressive Ikea vomit.
So, you got the catalogue too? :D
Oh man....Ikea...I've still never been there before....One day.
Well, back onto "the homework."
Get some sleep! Well, more sleep than me is enough sleep.
Take care! I'll see you on Monday. :D

Michelle said...

well, thank you..=) But I'm confused about this "sleep" thing...what is that?? Oh! Ohhhh...that thing that I will not get until a week from today...! And we thought we were tired last week...hah. See you Monday! =)

Emy Jo said...

Tired? Just wait until cleanup.

And the Flash deadline.

Though I'm pleased to say I hit every deadline VFS threw at me. Take THAT, deadlines!!!

(the word I have to type in at the bottom to post is "fuhnne" and I think that's funny)

Michelle said...

I know, emy..I am scared. deadlines. even the word is scary.....!! congrats on meeting all of em! =)