Wednesday, October 15, 2008

La, la la...

I was drawing polar bears and scrapping with a new dozens' mini kit last night...finally edited pictures from Galiano for that! Whee! I left them at home, though...thus, not posted. That means Dozens' goodies will be blogged very soon! I am recently obsessed with Life cereal and "Madness" by Alanis. Canadian election yesterday, and the bad guy won...duuuude. Z is home sick today, and after staying up til 1 in a house full of his germy-germ-germs my throat is a little achy,! Ooh! Thanks for the very warm welcome to the Anxious Moustache + Fall tags! As soon as I get a moment (which is not looking like its very soon, here...) there will be more 80's inspired word tags and elvis monkey tags, too! (hubby lent me some illustrations for some goodies...) Yay! :)

I (heart) my Epson. Have I mentioned I (heart) my Epson? lol...I want to print something everyday, seriously! Work is insanely quiet today and as I refresh my page, I'm wishing I had a pencil and paper here cuz I finally have a really good idea for the new blog design. Obsessed with hand-type, I am. I have my last Physio appointment tonight, my shoes are pitiful and I need new ones supa-bad. I need to go the craft store and get a haircut and buy pants and a hoodie and warm boots for when the rain starts here, soon....but, really, do you want to know my to-do list?? lol...I feel I will be busy non-stop like this until December 31, and I'm very sure I will be...but only 3 weeks of work left, so at least soon I will have all day to accomplish the things I need to do, instead of squashing it all in between the hours of 8pm and 2 am. A blessing in disguise, I A little scary, too, but that's what keeps it interesting, no?

Anyhoo - no pictures to share today...(sigh).

Buuut, a new Dozens' kit peek here (stay tuned for lots of yummy Dozens' things coming soon for the birthday party, including the mentioned-in-the-blog-post clearance sale)! And new projects from Jen and Marie up over at Red Velvet - still hoping my kit will arrive any day now so I can dig in! :)

Okay, I change my mind! Here's a photo - I ran across this lovely Website the other day - Helen Dardik's portfolio:Dude - she rocks all-around. Inspirational, super-fun, and so lovely! Her patterns are amazing! :) Happy Wesnesday, all! Off I go for a coffee refill and a hunt for some pencils...


Jill Deiling said...

i just saw the new tags, and i adore them!! cant wait for your others to come out too!
i hope you dont get sick, i hope you have a great wednesday too!

metrochic said...

i am in freaking LOVE with helen dardik! like, fah serious. YAY!

I am... said...

hi lovely girl.
hope you are well :)
i feel like i havnt posted on ur blog in ages, but i am keeping up :D
love your tags and stuff in the shop, your one awesome artist!

Marie said...

oh how very cute that last pic is!

Beth Perry said...


Have a creative and fun weekend!

Chelsea Ling said...

she has scrapbook paper and embellies!