Monday, October 27, 2008

91cm beside myself...

Hello, friends. :) How is everyone? Did I really not blog for a week? Oh my...
I've had this draft blog going for a while, so here it is:

I have to share a short film we saw on Thursday called "Skhizen" by Jeremy Clapin. Basically, its about this guy who's 91 cm beside himself - literally, an asteroid messes him up a little. But he was never hit....hmm. Anyhoo - it was funny and clever and witty and beautiful, and has a crazy profound and somewhat sad message at the end, too. Brilliant! If you have a chance to see it ever, or if you find it on the internets (I searched to no avail!) watch it and enjoy! I have a feeling it'll only be at fab animation festivals..... We've also seen "Married Life" recently (loved the paper-cut-out-ish opening credits!!), and then we watched "The Happening" by M.Night Shyamalan. I'm kind of iffy about him, cuz frankly his last movie, "Lady in the Water" sucked (I thought...) and he kind of spends more time on the hype of his name then the hype of his movies....but, it was pretty fab. Plus, I love Zooey Duschanel (she's my fave!) so I was there. It was creepy and scary and good.

Last time I updated, we were about to go go-carting with the show crew as our wrap-up-party and that was pretty rad! It was a 3-hour riding marathon!! Literally, we had a group of 6 people racing, and you switch in and out of the car in the pits while racing laps with your teammates for 3 hours straight! lol...intense, cool. I only went for 2 rounds of about 10 laps (I was feeling totally motion-sick after the first round!! lol), but what a rush, dude! Such an adrenaline rush! It was fun! :)

And, oh! Z's mom found Kid Vs. Kat in the US on ABC, check out the synopsis right here, and down at the bottom where it says "Also Showing on ABC", those are the upcoming episode times. Yay! (Thanks, Volia!)

And have you seen this fabulous stop-motion Handmade Nation opening title sequence? It totally rocks and I can't wait to see the documentary, dude. Yay for DIY!

We went to see Richard Williams, nothing short of an animation god, at a free screening/lecture/promotional event for the Animators Survival Kit Animated dvds in a local theatre. We waited in line for a looong time to get in and listen to him talk about animation - so cool! And then there was a surprise screening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (pon 35 mm film!!) after that, which was also sooo rad! :)

So other than a crazy ton of film and animation goings-on, busy busy work week, freelance meetings, and everything else...I have been busy scrapping with some lovely new lines from Pink Paislee and my Dozens' kit, but my mojo seems to have gone away temporarily (I've been embroidering a super-special-something all week and I just can't put it down, either, which doesn't help...). And there's some exciting news to reveal on Friday, so stay tuned! Happy day!


Katie said...

OMG!!! Just got an email from purple onion about you doing stamps with them...... EKKKKKKKKK........ YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katie said...

haha! that looks awesome! i totally want to see that now!

and i wanted to tell you that i read every post you write, but i just don't have time to comment on all of them, you know??

i also came here to tell you that i tagged you on my blog... i know you're probably dreading it, [who likes to be tagged, right?] but it's really simple...

the deal is:
you have to go to your pictures file and post the 4th picture in the 4th file and describe it a little and tag 4 other people.

and i picked you because i'm really interested in what you might have to post.

i really hope you play along!


Michelle said...

So imagine how upset I was when I found out that Richard Williams was talking in San Francisco on Nov. 2nd, two days before I came home! It was so popular that it sold out and they added a second thing for that day too... Phooey. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

Anonymous said...

That short is among my favorite ever.

Psst... its title is Skhizein!