Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Friday!

Yahoo, its Friday! I seriously thought it was Thursday til I got to work this morning...Oh my! And I woke up today at the time I usually leave for work...argh...nothing like racing around. That was I lied and have nothing new to post in the Etsy shop today because I still have to get shipping quotes, but here's a peek of a little something new that I got printed (I just love that little monster, I keep using
he he.....can you guess what it is? It will be revealed Monday, for sure! he he...Anyway, I've slowly been trying to expand the shop, but have had no time to draw (a minor set The last few days have been slow work-wise for me, slow as in unproductive...yuck! I sit there at my crafty table and am overwhelmed with everything and instead think of more ideas instead of executing the ones I need to Oooh. I'm dying to build a web page to house all the links for the blogs and web places I have accumulated, but we have to shift some things around in the home and make some more work space and clean and projects to do and....I'm not letting myself start that until something is finished, first!! here's to a crafty, fun, weekend! =) It's supposed to be sunny - I was still peeling the other day from our trip to Tofino, so an evening-out of the tan is badly needed! lol... have til tonight to leave your name on the Paislee post for the goodie draw! Winners will be announced tomorrow! =) Thanks again for stopping by!


Beth Perry said...

hmmmm... I just thought I would majorly suck up and leave another comment!! ha ha

Have a great weekend~!

OneLuckyFish said...

Its a.... a.... a blue hair fish? Okay that was kinda lame, but I love your site, very cute!

Niella {paperbutton} said...

I know what you mean about needing to do so much and such little time! I often sit at my craft table and go to work on something and my mind just starts to wonder to something e l s e!! lol:)

Michelle said...

My guess would be a print??? No idea, but its super cute! Sorry its slow at work. I have to admit I like it when its slow at my work because then I get to do things like wrap a present for a bridal shower I'm going to later today and stuff like that.

Hope you get to work on lots of pretty things! And I hope you stop peeling soon too. Its nice and overcast here today. :D