Monday, June 16, 2008


I have the Jurassic Park score stuck in my head...hah. I am doodling moustache paper tag and log earring ideas down while sitting here at work. I am obsessed with shrink plastic earrings, Oh my. I started embroidering this weekend and wow do I need hone some skills. I brought my hoop to the beach and let my inner grandma (Z was sleeping, I needed something to do.) Dorky, yes. But fun. I started reading "The Secret Life of Bees" (finally got one copy, not a book-club bag of copies). Indulged in some Pirate Etsy goodness by way of shirts and necklaces. Blue nailpolish is in stores again - had a total flashback to junior high and grabbed some. I have 60 thousand ideas spilling out of my mind constantly on things to make; for the shop, for my friends, just for the hell of I was feeling odd thinking I must be the only artsy person working like a madman for a moment and then I realized that most of us art-as-a-career people do work 24/7 - I forgot where I was put in check and reminded that it's not just crazy

This weekend was fab and there are tan lines and sunburnt noses to prove it. Ahh...Stocked up on crafty supplies. Was going to go clothes shopping finally, but then realized that would mean not sleeping in for at least one day on the weekend (uh, the only time to sleep in there is) so I scrapped that and slept...but now the weather is freakin hot and I have no clothes you wear when its Argh. This week! There was a no-car festival yesterday here so we walked around, caught some rays at the beach, just relaxed.

On Saturday we saw Sex and the City (finally!!) and I thought it was awesome! That conversation where Big and Carrie decide to get married was totally Z and we also had the same after-ceremony gourmet diner food. hah. I guess we just skipped all that stuff-I-won't-spill-if-you-haven't-seen-the-movie yet that happens in the middle there. =) Before that, Z's dad treated us to a celebration dinner - a deck, yummy food, a bottle of white wine, and expresso cheesecake = one happy night. =) (Thank you!!)

Sooo excited to have fabric in my little hands again - little known fact: I wanted to be a fashion illustrator/designer for the longest time and started sewing when I was like 7 (thanks to my lovely mom!)....the last thing I made was a super-tailored bustier/suit jacket in highschool (okay, I've made some pillow covers and simple quilts since then...). But sewing, I mean really sewing something awesome and usable is great. The urge to sew comes in phases for me and it seems a new one is coming!

Do I have a picture for you today? Hmm...Here's a few from Bowen Island last weekend:

Yes, it looks like grey! Can't wait to go back there when its sunny and rent some kayaks...=) It's not usually like this at all in summer....we hadn't worn that many warm clothes even in the winter, here, forever!!

Anyway, I just finished making a super-cute digi kit that will be released on Wednesday last night...I love it to bits! I can't wait to share it!! I'm still having so much fun learning as I go about designing digi stuff ; that's the way I like it - jump in with a general idea and gain a whole bunch of hands-on knowledge while you go. Ahhh, fun...

Happy day, all!


believe_in_magic said...

Weird, it looked like that in June? Ugggh, cold weather must DIE! I mean, unless you actually enjoy wearing a winter coat in the summer time, but I certainly don't!

Anonymous said...

Happy Day girlie - love the pictues - glad you guys had a good time.
You have to teach me the digi-scrap stuff - need to learn. Not enough hours.
Miss you both.
Love Mom

inara said...

yay you're back! missed you over the weekend. great pics! My husband and I went to Victoria on the ferry for our honeymoon 6 years ago last march so it looks just like our honeymoon pics!!!

amywelch said...

Love the photos the background is so pretty!! But it looks cold!!! BURRRRRRRRR.

Bekka said...

I would love to see your embroidery work!

And yay for blue nail polish!!! :D

Michelle said...

Loved the pictures. And yes. I know about the working 24/7. I had a dream about Pixar this morning and my stupid alarm clock woke me before I was finished!

Can't wait to see the new digi. How did you start making them? Are you scanning stuff or what?