Monday, June 23, 2008


Quick hello - wow, what a busy weekend! Dude. Shopping, walks. Burgers on the beach. Made a whole lotta nothing (so sad) but it felt so busy! I did embroider a little somethin-somethin, though - yay, practice! Watched "Be Kind, Rewind". "Spring-cleaned" (I'm a little behind, yes..) the closet - ie: threw out/gave away all the old clothes I have no reason to keep. Got new clothes to put in the clean closet. Not quite into Spring-cleaning the whole house yet, so it's being done slowly in chunks- blah! Finally have some capris and tanks. Yay! Did so much laundry it's not even funny. Feeling a little more refreshed due to the clean house and clean craft table. Bought art supplies at lunch today. Get to paint soon, whee! Cheap movie tickets from work (dude - totally finally going to see Kung Fu Panda tonight) rock. So bummed I haven't had a chance to make new shop goodies, but I've ordered more supplies and such, so that's a step! Looking forward to happy mail, Etsy goodies, new CHA releases in the mail (dude!), and shoe shopping this week. My fave yoga at-home pants disintegrated yesterday..*sniff*. So sad. Have a ton to do this (short week) - flying to Tofino Friday morning - Can't wait! Will be running around in a making-packing-cleaning stuff whirlwind until then!

And Argh, I say, to all that silly grown-up stuff that takes up so much time! Cleaning, groceries, blah! What do you mean I can't just sew and draw and cut paper all day?? lol...(I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way)

And a picture for you:

(I did not draw these dudes...I wish!) These are the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascots, which I see in every tourist shop window on my way to work every morning....I think they're adorable! They have the cutest stuffies of them - albeit, they're super-premature (it's only 2 years til the'm already so sick of seeing it advertised everywhere!!). Anyway, I looked them up - and found the company who designed these guys' website, Meomi - it's a pretty sweet, fun site! Yay! I like these the best: Art Prints. So inspiring!

*Annnd...Monster giveaway will be posted Wednesday - I promise! Found the goodies yesterday when I cleaned, so stay tuned if you're jonesing for some monster paper/stamps!*

Happy day!


danilouwho said...

ok, those mascots are really adorable!! much better than some of the sillier ones I've seen over the years!!

Donna. said...

Those mascots are cute! I cannot believe that they are everywhere now instead of closer to the time of the actual Olympics.

Can't wait for you to get back to creating. I'm desperate for some Michelle C. eye candy!

katie said...

i need to clean out my closet... i have clothes from 9th grade that are hanging up still.

[and i can't wait(!) for the monster paper/stamp giveaway!!! i only stare at it *every* day on flickr.]

Cass said...

Cute mascots! :D