Thursday, April 03, 2008

Movie Love

So, on our adventure to the cheap movie theatre to see Sweeney Todd on Tuesday, we ran into this gem of a film: (the second movie in the double feature) Which totally, totally overshadowed't get me wrong, I loved Sweeney...I was all for Johnny Depp singing, and the juxtaposition of happy songs + mass murder...very funny...I also loved the beach fantasy part that Helena's character sings about (loved that part!) So happy it won an Oscar for it's fab art direction, and the transitions on those scenes were sweet! =)

But Atonement was awesome....has anyone seen it? If you're a film-lover...not just a good-story was fab. There's this one long shot after the boys find their way to the other soldiers, and it's a 10 minute-long uninterrupted hand-held, insanely coordinated's amazing! Loved the way the typewriter sounds play into the music and tempo of the scenes, loved the shots...loved it all. Cinematically, gorgeous..also heart-wrenching...but awesome...=) So happy we saw it on the big screen! Anyways, enough of my film-geek talk...ha ha...

For a change today, I have to post this awesome Photoshop contest entry that Z did:

I feel super, super bad about not helping him with it...I sort-of did the background/texture/color concepts..and then lost interest, and so he animated and did all the textures and such on this final version himself...He totally rocked it, and we still had to enter as a team, and upload under my name because I'm Canadian, even though I didn't help...and this awesome Flash animation site, Cold Hard Flash, featured it and credited me...oh no!! So I have to spread the word that it wasn't me, it's in fact my super-awesome hubby who made this lovely little piece. =) Yay, Tzanko! =) But you can for sure see a lil of me in the digi textures and such in the background, no? he he...

Anyways, that's all today! Scrapping, drawing, job-applying, sadly putting some etsy product developments on hold...I have so much to do!! The days are just flying by and I feel like I'm working in slo-mo....I got my lovely Dozens' kit to play with today, yay! Loving Dr. Pepper and rum right now...yummy! And I have "Creep" by Radiohead stuck in my head after some project research...he he...Anyways, happy rest-of-the day! =)


kerry lynn said...

omg michelle!
i just watched that movie on netfliz last night. SO fabulous.
i loved how there was so much emotion that you could feel when you watched it. and the layering of everyones perspectives was incredible.
total fav!

Laura said...

I have been wanting to see that film since I saw the ads in tv. Seems like just my kind of film. Now that you have said it is super good, I want to see it even more. eeeek!

Boriquaz said...

I just saw atonement and was pleasantly surprised at hoe goo dit really was, sweeney is next on my list. Hopefully

inara said...

yeah that's a great one, I was so devastated at the end when you found out they ----!!! (Don't wanna spoil it for anyone!) I watched it on my anniversary weekend, I want to see sweeney todd too, maybe this weekend????

Anonymous said...

Tell Z - we love it!!! He did a great job.
I can't wait to show Brody tonight - he will probably play it over and over again.

_Kine said...

Don't you juse love the costume Helena Bonham Carter wears to the beach? If I could have that in my wardrobe, I'd be so happy =)

And wow, he rocked the animation!!
Have a great weekend :D

Dani said...

I haven't seen Atonement, but I'm pretty sure after your review I'm no long on the fence about putting it on my netflix queue! I was wondering if it would be too heavy for me to get into.... it just looks so lovely though.

That photoshop entry is awesome! tell him he did an awesome job!

Jessica said...

ugh. i have to wait for movies to come out on dvd before i can see them. :( i still haven't seen juno, but luckily it's coming out this month!!

btw, i saw this site and totally thought you'd dig it. :D aren't these awesome?!!


Marie said...

Tell z he did a fab job on this!!! Love it! I havent seen atonment yet but i want to.

Michelle said...

Haven't seen either movie yet but they are definitely on high priority for me to see.

Z is incredibly talented and he did a great job! I always love morphing animations. Can't go wrong!

Jules said...

That is an awesome clip! I love it your so tallented.

Attornment - we watched it the other day it was good and sad...the typerwritter sound was awesome.