Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A kabillion things....

Yay for 80's picture numba 3:Well, okay...early 90's, maybe...like 1990...but the 80's clothes have carried over...lol..=)
These pictures were taken on a hill overlooking my hometown, Penticton. The best, best city to spend the summer in ever. If you come up to BC, you must go there. =) Tons of partying, beaches, camping...+40 (Celcius) degree weather...aahhh...nothin like having a nap on a beach hungover...lol. So back to the pictures, that's the gorgeous Okanagan lake behind us, and Kelowna is way off in the distance. So now you can see where I grew up, sorta...lol...there's a few more in the flickr account...=)

I'm killing time before my chiropractor's appt, so rolling with the idea of 'getting to know me', I'll do this lil tag Rachel had on her blog the other day:

What was I doing 5 years ago?
2003...hmm, I was still in highschool...almost graduation time...we were talking about grad incessantly at this point...I was still in love with my first tattoo..we were still going to bars/clubs..we were so excited about grad camping and just camping in general. I was actually single for once, and loved it! We were also taking those career quizzes, I remember...trying to distinguish what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives, where to apply to school...etc. I still think it's absurd to just pick one thing to do forever, and to decide this at 18. Geesh!

Five things on my to-do list today ( or things I did today):
1. Go for run/jog - check!
2. Phone meeting at 11 for freelance project - check!
3. Drink lots of coffee - check!
4. Listen to girly music cuz Z's not home - check!
5. Draw; revise characters, storyboard, design backgrounds...finish some monster custom orders

Five snacks i love:
1. chocolate chips
2. almonds
3. reeses pieces cereal
4. granola bars
5. yogurt

Five things i would do if i were a billionaire:
1. pay of my loany-loan-loans
2. start a business!
3. travel all over Europe and go to Bulgaria to see where hubby grew up
4. Buy homes for my whole family! lol...but nice, humble ones.
5. Live off of a beach...

-Five bad habits I have:
1. overworking myself
2. not recycling as much as I should
3. not returning phone calls
4. letting the dishes pile up for days
5. procrastinating

-Five places i have lived:
1. Penticton, BC
2. Calgary, AB
3. Vancouver, BC
4. Italy?? he he...I wish!

-Five jobs i've had:
1. Flyer Delivery
2. Kids Clothing Sales Temp
3. Sales Associate at Purdy's Chocolates
4. Sales Associate at Scrapbooker's Paradise
5. Animator/Animation Revisionist/AFX artist at Studio B

....there ya go, a teensy peek into me! =) Oh! And Marina at Scrapmagie kit club announced yesterday that I'm guest designing over there in May! Go check out the lovely kit peek, and thanks, Marina, for writing such sweet words about me and for inviting me to join you!! omigosh...she's right, I am always smiling...he he...she has some other lovely Guest designers, as well! So cool...

..And the Dozens announced the new additions to the DT!! yay! Congrads to Jamie, my fellow Scrapmojo girl Lindsay, and the very talented Vee!! =) Annnd...if that's not enough, Lisa Garay, whom I worked with over at Fancy Pants, is guest designing!! Omigoodness, she rocks...=) So it'll be a fun month over there!! Check out the blog for fun bios and such!

The Hills: how awkward was that bar booth?? All of them together was so uncomfortable...yeeks! And poor Audrina, they could have made her feel more included in the moving-out plan!

Annnd...with that, I'm out! I have lotsa drawing and project work to do today - yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed and bouncing from project to project, not really completing anything, wondering how I managed to book myself super-full for May...lol...just generally scattered and stressed...but today, I'm settled...I organized and scheduled things...I'm ahead of schedule on everything, so there's no reason to stress...I always get it done somehow, and as long I have fun and save time for hubby, too, it's all good...whew! Feeling blessed to have so much artsy work to do...=) Sad that I've had to say no to some things (I have actually said no to a few things, lol...I promise!) but that's how it goes....also, 8 days left for taxes here and I'm kind of excited (did I say that??) lol..cuz I get a hunk of money back this year...yay all around! Happy day everyone!!


IndieGirl said...

Your blog is awsome. Keep up the blog goodieness :]

*fauve* said...

yay congrats on the GDT spot :D


Stephanie said...

Congrats on Scrapmagie! Tell her if she needs some tags to come see me ;)

And I think I might steal that tag for my blog post tomorrow!

Dana said...

your work so inspires me! Beautiful and clever!

Dani said...

he he, loving these cute old photos!!

2003.... geeze has it really been almost 5 years since graduating... yikes!


Lynn said...

Great blog! Penticton heh?? almost neighbors! lol

Cindy Tobey said...

Ok, so I graduated from HS in 1990! LOL! Great pic! Your hometown is gorgeous! It looks like a great spot to vacation. I grew up near several lakes and miss it...we were at the lake almost every day during the summer months.
Thanks for the congrads on my blog. :o)
Have an awesome day!

Tina said...

I like this random survey, think I'll give it a try! Yes, Hills is most awkward but I love!

Jules said...

Awesome 80's photos...good times!

Stephanie said...

Speaking of "girly" music...do you listen to A Fine Frenzy??

Vee said...

I know the club scene was very akward, but LC not my fav. person at the moment :) thanks for the shout out ;)

Michelle said...

Wow lots of cool stuff! Conrats on the guest dt in may! I would love to live in italy too.

Lisa said...

Oh I miss those summer days... for sure going back though this summer if you 2 want to hitch a ride out ;) Going to do some camping! A good jug of sangria and a little sun...ahh heaven!