Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello, Monday! How is everyone? Hope all is well, today - For now, more blossoms from our Saturday walk:'s so funny seeing them next to a forest of pine trees and whatnot, isn't it? lol...Anyways, they were finally in full-bloom and gorgeous! There's a ton of lovely Magnolia trees, too, with these giant purple flowers but they're starting to wilt and look yucky, so no pics of those! And here's some from the forest portion of the walk:
This was the biggest tree we could Z? the little speck by the trunk? lol...
He looks sooo at home in a backpack, my goofily waving the always gets the funniest shots of me being my silly self. =) there are a few more shots on Flickr, here, too.

And here's the last of my Dozens' projects, a "You're Sweet" card using the yummy fruity Sass stamps that came in the kit in March:
This lil guy's up in my Etsy shop this morning, here. =) Dude, I'm still so addicted to Etsy!'s great fun, and there are just so many talented illustrators and artists and crafters...yum!

And don't forget, the Dozen's April Monster kit is being release tommorrow in limited numbers! Please don't message me, as I don't know when exactly it will be coming, but stalk the website for the release if you really, really want one!! And I'm super, super-excited that my box of Pink Paislee goodies arrived yesterday!! yay! Hello, my old friends: was like a Pink.Sugar.Pop flashback...he he....all my fave stamps in the cutest little mini-style. Love! I'll post some projects that are in the works, soon...=) I just had to say, I love Holly's stamps..he he....yay!

Annnd...we saw this amazing Canadian documentary, Sharkwater, on Friday. Everyone should see it, not only for it's awesome cinematography, but to be informed. It's a little disturbing, but what's more disturbing is the fact that 90% of the worlds' sharks are now gone because people think shark fin soup is worth more than the well-being of our ocean and therefore, our world. Seriously eye-opening:We also saw "There will be Blood" was okay. A little beyond our level of comprehension, I think...the movie was fairly uneventful, event-wise, a ton of psychological events....teensy bit too much Daniel Day for my's great, don't get me wrong...=)
Anyways, could I have blogged anymore pictures in this post?? lol...Some little drawing projects to do today, here. The usual. =) Happy day!


Gigi said...

hello sweets :)
LOVE the big ol' tree shot!!

looks like a fine weekend indeed :)

happy day girlie!



Lisa said...

Love the picture of the spring blossoms.. you're so lucky! :)
That tree is huge! and.. as always your creations are wonderful! I love that card... definitely Sweet! :)

Melissa said...

Love those stamps!!!!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of you guys and those trees are just breathtaking. I love all of your goodies,thanks for sharing. I just saw Atonement and it was excellent. You may want to rent it, very good

Dani said...

Looks like a beautiful walk, love those giant trees!!

thanks for the tip about Sharkwater, I just went and netflixed it. Love movies like that!

tammy kay said...

I love those trees! I have a thing for trees! I don't know why but I love them!

Look at all your stamps. Can't wait to see what in all you create!

Hope you are well!

Donna. said...

Beautiful pictures! The tall tre is awesome. I don't think I have ever seen a tree that large in real life. Just amazing!

inara said...

lovely pics awesome tree too cute card!

_Kine said...

I own some of the stamps from Pink Sugar Pop, but I simply must buy that set just to get the ├╝bercute dinosaur =) Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - and Z with his new friend - hee hee
Glad spring is finally here (at least where you guys live)
Miss you

kim brimhall said...

hey missy! love the design of your blog!! and those photos are adorable!! hope you have a great day!

Michelle said...

I always enjoy your photos. It looks like it was beautiful this weekend. Glad you had such a relaxing day. You deserve it! I adore those Pink Paislee stamps. They are in my shopping cart at EBB.

How bad is it that I had a nightmare that I didn't get this months dozens kit

Tina said...

I've been wanting to see There will be Blood just for that one line.."I. Drink. Your. Milkshake." that's funny to me for some odd reason. Looks like you 2 had fun exploring. Those trees are gorgeous. The middle one looks almost cartoonish. Hey, have you seen that movie Persophilis? I think that's what it's called. It's a french cartoon. I saw a preview for it and wanted to put it on my Netflix list.

Jules said...

Oh wow beautiful scenery!!! Love those tress, wish they grew here. Cute card!

We just got PP in our store and I will pick some up tomorrow - so excited!

Boriquaz said...

That tree is humongous! Love it!
I love when spring comes around and the trees start to bloom again they just look so pretty next to those that are still bare. Great pictures! And very cute card!