Saturday, January 05, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Crafts: Day Two

...Thanks for all of the cute comments on the camera! =) If you seriously want one, e-mail me...I may have to alter the design a little bit (cuz,'s pretty much Bam pop's design..) and we can discuss price and things...Now, Day two! I already posted these at Sistv...(cuz, you know..Fancy Pants) but it's a Saturday, and I want to go create some stuff:
I made these ornaments out of styrofoam balls...I ripped out old book pages and gave them a wash of watercolor paint to turn them pink. Waited for them to dry, tore them into pieces, and mod-podged them to cover the ball. I then gave the ball a coat of glitter glue...wrapped ribbon around and held it in place at the top with a stick pin....and added some FP felt pieces and snowflake shapes on top. =) I made a bunch for my girl Mandy for Christmas...she's a snowflake fan...=) They were super-fun to make! =) What are you up to this Saturday? Z and I are just hangin at home....he's drawing...I have a list of e-mails to answer and desks to organize and cleaning to do, but instead, I might go play with some scrapbook goodies...yay! Love weekends...Oh! And I saw Napoleon Dynamite yesterday, finally...and I have to say: I'm not a big fan...too slow-paced for me..and I was so majorly confused about what time era the movie is supposed to be set in...cuz there was everything from 70's leftovers to bad '80's to 'cool' 90's wear and it was distracting did laugh out loud at some parts....and I (heart) Pedro's

anyways, Happy day!


A.S.K.-P. said...

ll, I would have to get a Polaroid camera first but if I ever do I sure would like one! You did a KILLER job on it girl! It is AWESOME!

And those balls...I've already told yo how much I love those! LOL

micayla said...

Michelle they are just too cute girl!!

_Kine said...

Those ornaments are so cute!
I didn't like Napoleon either. The only reason why I finished watching it was that Napoleon's uncle looks so much like one of my friends, it's unbelieveable. :P I'm dorky.

Michelle said...

I bet Mandy loved those! What is the font that you used for "christmas crafts" in your 12 days of christmas crafts?

I'm surprised you didn't like Napoleon Dynamite. I loved it. I saw super bad the other night and wasn't impressed. Saw benchwarmers tonight and laughed my head off.

There are two things I always qote from Napoleon Dynamite: "Napoleon, make yourself a dang quesadilla," and "I want that."

Holly said...

Love those ornies! I can relate on the Napoleon Dynamite thing. I never really understood what all the hype was about that movie. I wasn't too impressed. ;0)