Thursday, November 29, 2007

...I have lots to share, but my lunch hour just zipped by..and all I have handy is this picture of the fam from when I went to Calgary last, in September..=)

(Back Row, right to left: cousin Jonathan, Uncle Alan, Little Jonah (cousin's son), Cousins's husband Jodi, Cousin Stephanie, Tzanko, Me, My sister Renee and her little guy Damian, her boyfriend Jeremy. First Row, right to left: Cousin Samantha, Aunty Rose and cousin's little Brooklyn, Grandma, my little brother Brody, my Mom and Wayne.)

...Thanks to my girl Mandy for the shots. =) She took the wedding pics, too...which are hopefully coming soon! he he...We've never had a shot of the whole family - my mom's family, my aunts family, and my grandma, and now my cousins have families of thei it was great tp get a picture together...even if the lil boys have fingers in their nose...he's impossible to avoid..=) I have lots to do..well, at home...and, thankfully, at work..yesterday was the longest most boring day ever: I had work, but it lagged my computer so bad that everytime I hit a button it would take 20 minutes to think about needless to say, I spent time on flickr and am now dying to learn more about the acid wash photo color thing that's popular right now...=) Also, inspired to get out and do a tattoo photo shoot..maybe this weekend if it's nice! After a few stressful nights, our paperwork is almost done..thank god! And my deadlines for this month are almost all finished...yay! And we're both looking forward to a fun, relaxed weekend: a friend is performing violin at a church on Friday, and we're going to watch...and if it's nice we'll hang out outside and find our christmas tree...and we don't know what to do with the wedding money we got, cuz I have all the house stuff we need...I want tattoos, but my better judegment says my grandma won't like it if we buy tattoos with her we'll save some moola and finally buy a toaster (ours broke a while ago) and treat ourselves to fancy dinner and a movie...=) yay, unbusyness! Here I come! So excited...happy day everyone!


Marie said...

Busy busy busy!!! I seen all ur stuff on sis and its wonderful! YOu rock lady!

Michelle said...

I should hope that your deadlines for this month are almost over. Yay for the new toaster.
I have a little secret to share-I have an interview with an awesome production company on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed! For a clue, check out Switchfoot's music video for the song Awakening.

sally hanna said...

oh geez, where have i been?
you just got married!!!!
super HUGE congratulations!!!!!!
i couldn't be happier for you.
enjoy your weekend!!