Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh, Sunday

...where does the time go, man? I feel like I had no just flies by too fast!! It's kind of a grumpy, grey Sunday, jeans hasn't been jeans and hoodie weather here forever!! Yesterday was hot, we went for a walk and hung at the beach and we both had to work on our demo reels and stuff, so it was pretty chill at home...watched "Unforgiven" with the awesome Clint Eastwood last night, and Z loves Johnny Cash but had never seen "Walk the Line" so we rented it...Johnny Cash is such a cool guy...=) Anyways, that's it..busy with life and trying to get my stuff together so I can start the job search...have some scrappy deadlines, and then off to Calgary Z and I go on Thursday night! yay! And I decided, after Z explained all the work that the website I want will just stick with a portfolio/art blog...but that means a re-vamp, so I have to work on that, too...I still have to take pics of that Pink.Sugar.Pop stuff I need to post...annnnd...a billion other thing...argh! Hope everyone's weekend was good!
To hold you over, a picture from France: there's art all over the building walls; it's everywhere!! It just rocks! This one was in Angoulemme, I think...just as you round a corner, there it is. Happy day!

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Marie said...

Oh that is soooo cool i wish i could go to france...what a happy lil boy. ;)