Wednesday, July 18, 2007!!

(the first batch..i got to look through some 4 of 14 files of pictures..Oy! thanks to Anatoly, and Andrew UK/Andrew Indonesia, and Chelsea for these ones! You can tell i didn't take any of these cuz I'm actually in some..he he)

Lovin this picture of me...thanks Anatoly!

..i was always surprised at how looong our dinner tables were...there were so many of us! in front of really don't know where we were in Paris..but it looked really cool!!

Accidental red coordination in Angouleme...

...a party in Angouleme...lounging around outside, magic tricks, good food...enjmin students were also there...

My Bulgarian room/teammate Maya...

Gypsy bar in Paris! (just a few of us pictured..)

A few of us took 5 on a cute little kids couch in an adorable room at Le Cube....the room was specially made to teach kids ages 6 and under cool is that!!

..and the man who organized most of the DRIMN details: Kada!

...more to come! I'll do them over the rest of the week/weekend...sooo many to look at, over here!! I must devote a post to pictures of us sleeping, cuz we slept whenever we could wherever we were...he he..there's some funny ones...thanks for looking!

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Anonymous said...

Aww fabby photos! It really sounds like you had the most amazing time :O) xx