Friday, July 20, 2007

..more? more., this is not Paris...

..this is some art i made on my day off at the beginning of the week..he he...the first one is the cover of my art journal..all the stamps are the awesome Pink.Sugar.Pop goodies i've been dying to use since Holly sent them to me before France, and stuff from Red Velvet's art journal kit from last month...Arr! and Rawr! are my fave fitting that P.S.Pop makes em!! he he...the second is a card i made, also using P.S.Pop cute is that dinosaur? it says "...and the dinosaur said 'i love you' and passed you his heart with a big smile"..cuz it's silly and nonsense-ical.

Also, Fancy Pants Designs' new website is live! check it out! i am not uploaded into the gallery yet, and I have no sneak peeks of new stuff because there was a mail mishap and my box is on its way back to the sad..=(

..and thanks for the tag Christiane! I'll post that tommorrow..he he...

..and now..dun dun dun....more Paris! a third installment (thanks to Choi for these ones)..there's only a few to give you a break, today...ha ha:

..we stayed in many dorms, and couldn't drink 'on school property', so we improvised...he he

Kada, the artiste..does a very good likeness of himself!

..i just liked this one..he he

...i am off to maybe see some Harry Potter tonight...have a happy one!

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Michelle said...

I love that last photo of the flower in your ear. I love what you did with those stamps. I just might have to get them. I have a friend who can't stop saying RAWR. Glad you liked the pictures.