Tuesday, June 26, 2007


....hello from France! It is hell to type from this backwards french keyboard, so forgive me for any typos...=) Just wanted to check in and say hi! I am in Angoulemme at a school called Emjin, where people collaborate on game design projects...we are staying in a dorm a few bus rides away from the school, but haven't had a chance to actually see much of france yet, other than through various vehicle windows, as we have started to brainstorm our group projects and had to present our ideas today and figure out how to combine what everyone specializes in...one person in my group does typography and illustrations, one does 3D animation, and one does experimental films...pretty cool stuff! I love our idea! Also, I love what I've seen of France so far! The architecture is gorgeous! The wine is friggin awesome and always served for lunch...he he...and I haven't had food so awesome as what I've eaten in the last few days for a looooong time!! More later! Hope all is well!


Mom said...

Bonjour Girl!!! Glad you have some great minds working together. What a great experience!! Can't wait to see your film and man, you can't beat wine at lunch - they have the right idea!!
Love ya

Nat said...

How wonderful- France is gorgoues - enjoy your time - and I hope you have better weather when I do have in Germany right now! Waving over to you :-)

Cady said...

Amazing! Absolutly amazing!
I'm glad to hear you got there safely...I'm sure a pretty North American girl like you is beating the men off with sticks. ^_~
Everything's good here at the B....we have a stat holiday coming up, along wih the GTJ premiere! Kevin's totally fired up about that...sorry you have to miss it!
All the best!!

Michelle said...

Looking forward to seeing a few photos. I can't even imagine how amazing it must be there. Glad you're enjoying yourself.

a little about me and my life said...

so wish that I was there! Eat wonderful cheeses and drink and drink for me. lol! Take pictures!

So excited for you. have so much fun!