Friday, June 01, 2007


Check this out! Oh, happy day..=) Thanks Tracy! You rock! =)

Those purses rock! I was sooo in a creating mood yesterday...I thought about how much I wanted to start an Etsy shop...and I have no time..but it'll happen eventually..there's just so much stuff I want to make!! he he...

..what else? Oh! Z got me a super-cool Betty Boop stamp at a garage sale on my street the other day...totally cute surprise...=) And he has an awesome friend in New York who sent me a really cool skull ring from Mexico!! So cool..!

I was a little discouraged at work yesterday....and my hand hurt from holding onto my wacom pen at work out of frustration...argh! So I went home and instead of working..(shh..) made some art instead..=) Spread out some fancy Pants stuff all over my living room and beside me and on the floor...I figured out I work well when I can see it it's so nice and organized now that I actually know where stuff is, as opposed to last weekend..whn it was all everywhere from the move, still...=) I was gonna post somwe of the stuff I did last night...buuut...not time this morning..instead of going to bed early, I got really into reading "The Beach" and couldn't put it down til 2...Oy...=) Happy day, everyone! Pictures soon! I'm off to get my morning coffee....=)


~*Gems*~ said...

Aww that was sweet of Z! :o)

Look forward to seeing your work.

Oh and Etsy rocks!


a little about me and my life said...

I love the purse. It is awesome. I want to open up an etsy shop but no time! I want to do everything though. I am the queen of starting things and never finishing them. I think we share that trait. Am I right? There is so much that i want to do but I never get to it.

Enjoy your time with Fancy Pants. I so heart the stamps.

tracyg said...

No girl you totally rock!

Hope your hand is better! ;)