Friday, September 01, 2006


Hello all! I realized I didn't update about the contest...I didn't win..=( biggie, though....Still had lotsa fun, made some cool's all good! I've been busy; got a whole animation project finished last night, albeit, not the best lookin project; buuuut one down, only one more to go...and then my film storyboard, and I am caught up! And it's a long weekend, so that seems stress...I came home right away today to have a well-deserved movie-and-pizza night, cuz I'll spend all day tommorrow at my desk workin...annnnnd..I only have to work for 4 hours on sunday and 4 hours on Monday...which I was happy about..I mean, money is good, but so is sleep and sanity; for which I need rest. ha ha...anyways, I actually got the header on my blog finally...took a lil bit...i know absolutely nothing about html, so I just mess around with stuff til it looks stupid green box beside the description is giving me a hassle. It'll go sometime...hmmm...Sooo anyways...I was posting some pages on Two peas tonight, when it hit me; I am a total scrapbooking geek. I mean, I knew that...but today in class, we, well, Jared and Kelly, were sounding all star-wars-mega-fannish, and I made a comment suggesting that they were star-wars-mega-fannish...buuut...what the hell? I know everything about every paper company, and when the craft shows are, and what product does what the best...sooo..I'm a geek too, guys. ha ha...only, a different kinda geek. We're all geeks in some way then, aren't we? Video games, scrapbooking, photography, animation.....everyone has something they geek out a silly, Kelly...I just meant that you guys were kinda geeks. But s'okay..i am,, I guess I really can't try to explain to my boyfriend that scrapbooking really is cool now., on with the geekiness; this is one of my fave pages ever, even though I did it a few years ago....this is my little brother (I specially love this picture cuz i subconciously make that same concentrating-really-hard face sometimes, I'll put drawings on here soon, I promise....=) off to fix the rest of my blog and/or watch some movies!! Happy night!


your cousin said...

Hey Cuz! Those pages you put on in your gallery are awesome! I've seen most of your albums but I don't remember the ones with me in them.... anyways, very talented!

Michelle said...

thanks Lisa....! he he...I think that was the camping summer...2004...yeah, it was the camping summer...when you still had your truck! So much fun in Penticton! =) he he..

Cady said...

Ha ha ha!
Hey man, don't worry. People like Jared and myself take immense pride in being a geek. I mean, well, we ARE pretty geeky. ;D Jared knows so much about comic books that I think he might the illicate love-child of Bruce Tim (the GOOD Batman designer). And, well, how many girls do you know who play video games and play Dungeons and Dragons? :D
All I'm trying to say is that we're content being geeks. No need to worry, my dear. ^_^
BTW - way to go on html. The banner looks awesome.
Take it easy!

Emy Jo said...

I am a nerd. Bret is a geek.

There are levels, too! The whole world's gone mad.

Michelle said...

Sooo..what's better, a nerd or a geek? lol...actually, there are levels come to think of it...kelly has a heirarchy posted on her desk.....=)